The Player I Hate – Episode 2

TO READ EPISODE 1 CLICK HERE Episode 2 Melody’s POV Tyson wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to his body. He bites my lip and kisses me again, pressing his lips aggressively against mine. But the thing is, my body doesn’t seem to want to do what my mind is telling it. Inside I’m screaming and shouting and trying to push him away but on the outside I’m pressing my hand lightly on his cheek and I’m kissing him back. What the hell are you doing?…

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The Player I Hate – 1

Episode 1 Melody’s POV This is a story of a girl that hated the player. I sit at the back of the class and sketch smiley faces on my notepad as my teacher explains the exponential and trig graphs to us again. My eyes focus on Tyson as he sticks his hand up. The teacher glares at Tyson, “What do you want, Tyson?” She asks. Yup, he is her favorite. Tyson McCannon is, no doubt, the hottest guy at the school. He has the looks, the talents and the body.…

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