The Player I Hate – Episode 2


Episode 2

Melody’s POV

Tyson wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to his body. He bites my lip and kisses me again, pressing his lips aggressively against mine.
But the thing is, my body doesn’t seem to want to do what my mind is telling it. Inside I’m screaming and shouting and trying to push him away but on the outside I’m pressing my hand lightly on his cheek and I’m kissing him back.
What the hell are you doing? Stupid child it’s Tyson fricking McCannon!
I push against his chest, sucking in a breath of air. I just made out with Tyson McCannon. Ew.
I bring my knee up and kick him where it hurts the most.
“Mierda! [shit!]” Tyson swears in Spanish. Damn, he’s Spanish. That’s kind of hot.


Tyson’s POV

I lean over with my hands on my knees, swearing out profanities. “Holy mother of fucks, that hurt!” I shout.
She kicked me! Nobody has ever kicked me and gotten away with it.
Melody’s eyes widen as she realizes what she has done. Before I can stop her, she is sprinting down the hall and out the school. Wow, she runs pretty fast for a girl .
I bite my lip, trying to ignore the wearing pain. She kicks hard! Holy shit.
Feisty, I like it.
I stand up and grunt. If that girl things she can get away so easily she is very wrong. I know she will try to hide from me but I am not going to make that easy for her at all.
Jackson thinks I can’t get her. I am going to get her. I’ll make sure that she falls for me and when she does, I’ll break her heart like I do with every other girl and forget about get. Melody won’t make it easy for me either, I know that but I like a challenge every once in a while.
Challenge accepted Melody.

You see, I have a five step plan to get any girl I want.
Step one: Introduce myself. Obviously most people know who I am so the first one is easy and simple. Just go to the girl and tell them who I am and they’re already all over me.
Step two: Kiss her. Its pretty simple, really. Most girls dream of kissing me but I don’t notice them unless I’m bored and need some entertainment in bed. I kiss the girl and they always kiss me back. Not one has not kissed me back. Even Melody kissed me back. But nobody except Melody has slapped me or kicked me. Most of them fall for me then if they havent already fallen for my looks because let’s just be honest, I’m gorgeous.

Step three: Ask them out. Normally the girls in this town get into bed with me after I introduce myself so I have never really needed to ask any girl out. Although my goal since the beginning of high school was to sleep with every girl in the school so I had to take a few girls out to sleep with them. There is still one girl I need to sleep with and then my list is complete; Melody. I will get her.

Step four: Fukk them. Sorry for the bluntness but that’s what I do. I sleep with the girl and she always begs for more but most girls get boring after one round so I ditch them and move to the next. No girl has not fallen for me after I’ve slept with them so that is always the cherry on the cake to wrap the girl around my finger.

Step five: Ditch them. Yup, this is my favorite step. I leave them begging me to stay. Oh well, sorry I broke your heart but you should’ve seen it coming. Nobody this good looking stays with one girl.
And that ladies and gentleman, is my fool proof method to get any girl I want. It works every time. And I am going to use it to get Melody.
I take my phone out the pocket of my black jeans and switch it on,

Me, 12:44pm: Hey babe, meet me in the janitors closet in five minutes 😉
I send the message to one of the sluts in the school.

My phone vibrates,

Slut #2, 12:44pm: Okay baby ;* see you soon xxx

I walk upstairs to the janitors office and lean against the green door as I wait for the chick, I don’t remember her name.
Don’t blame me, I can’t remember every girl I fuck, okay?
I look to my left and watch the slut walk down the corridor in high heels and a miniskirt. Her hips sway as she walks.
Damn she’s sexy but she needs to tone down on the make up.
Time to have some fun.

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