The Project – Episode 5



Episode 5

Running has been there usual thing since they step into the forest they came to a stop and sit down breathing heavily with those whose are crying seen crying their eyes out wishing they had remained in school or listen to their parents.

” hey, did you see that ” Jack asked sitting close to Joshua while trying to steady his breathe.
” we’re going to die here right ” Joshua asked Jack almost in tears.
” behave like man mehn ” Jack said.
” behave like man in a situation whereby you’re being told you will die ” Joshua replied.

” you won’t be able to see your parents and siblings. Even if I was to die, not now that I’m still young ” Joshua said while Jack suddenly grew quiet contemplating.
” I should have listened to my sick mother and stay at home ” Jack said abruptly.
” what have I put myself into, I always listen to my mother ” Jack cried out thereby making Joshua to burst laugh while students gave him a dangerous look silencing him.

” why where you laughing ” Jack asked glaring at his friend.
” some minutes ago, you asked me to behave like a man and now you’re crying ” Joshua said .
” mehn, this ‘s beyond my imagination ” Jack replied him looking at the students whom are restless.

” hey, it everything okay ” Larry asked his twin sister Lizzy who’s walking to and fro soliloquise.
” sure I’m ” Lizzy replied.
” but you look terrible worried ” Larry said just then a student began to called her sister.
” Hannah, Hannah …”
” silent ” Lizzy barked at her why everyone stared at her expecting an explanation.
” never you called anyone by his or her name until we get out of here here ” Lizzy said.
” every body ” she added with a strange voice like someone who’s being possessed.

” you’re okay ” Larry asked seeing her sister like that.
” absolutely okay ” Lizzy answered moving to and fro contemplating leaving Larry with no other option than to walk away.

” is something wrong with her ” dpo James asked Miss Maria.
” no, I don’t think so ” Miss Maria answered looking at Lizzy.
” but she’s behaving abnormal ” Mr Reuben said.
” exactly ” dpo James added.
” what’s her name ” he asked.
” Lizzy ” Miss Maria answered.
” Lizzy.. ”
” quiet ” she shouted interrupting dpo James.
” don’t ever called my name again ” Lizzy added looking into the sky.
” tell us what ‘s wrong with you rather than yelling at someone who’s old enough to give birth to you ” Joshua said forgetting his feeling at that moment.
” nothing is wrong with me ” Lizzy said backing them.
” the day is almost getting dark, you should find a place to rest your head before night fall ” Lizzy suddenly said.
” what about you ” Larry asked.
” leave me out of this ” she replied. Students gather enough firewood. With the help of dpo James they were able to make fire in two places while the students gather it warming themselves with none of them having the mind sleep. Suddenly, a breeze blows pass them startling them while the fire’s went off.

” you don’t set fire in this kind of place, it will make them think we’re here ” Lizzy said bravely.
” secondly, don’t sleep like if we’re in your father house, sleep and be alert ” Lizzy said and went to sit at a corner.
” we just hope we survive this place ” Mr Francis said to Mrs Grace.
” I can’t imagine how my children and husband think about me, death or alive ” Mrs Grace said regretting ever following them…

Morning came and they all woke up preparing themselves for the day ahead of them. How they’re going to survive and who will die next. Fear and sorrow could been seen in their faces as they stood up to continue there journey out of the dangerous forest they had found themselves.
” if you must survive this place, you have to be brave put away your fear and think about yourself, your love ones and how they need you in their lives ” dpo James advise them.
” they’re here run ” Lizzy shouted while they began to run.
” help me please, I don’t wanna die ” a student who fallen shouted but unfortunately, no one was ready to risk his or her life to save him.
” help me please… Nooo… ” he screamed as they surrender him.

It only a matter of time and they will all be die just like other in hunger and tiredness.
they came to a stop breathing heavily with their hands on their knees while some sit down with Lizzy trying to maintain balance.
” can you smell that ” Lizzy said standing up.
” smell what ” Mr Reuben asked.
” try to smell it ” Lizzy said looking from one person to another.
” stop scaring us, we can smell anything ” Jack said getting up from where he sit in fear.
” yes, I can smell it ” Miss Maria said while every one turned to her.
” it smell like something… ”
” burning ” Lizzy interrupted just then a student started shouting running around with nothing chasing him.
” fire oh! Fire oh! I’m burning please stop the fire ” the student cried out while everyone look at him with nothing to do.

” fire, but there’s no fire ” Mrs Grace said.
” it obviously, it a spiritual fire ” Mr Francis said with pity watching the young handsome boy screaming until he can no longer scream. He was death.
” he’s death, maybe his parents are home praying for him to return ” Miss Maria said painfully.
” it all my fault, I shouldn’t have agree to the project in the first place ” she added blaming herself perhaps she’s the reason the students are dying helplessly without no one to help them. How they’re going to get out of here is a mystery to her.
” isn’t your fault, it mine. Perhaps if I didn’t had that accident, thing won’t have been like this ” said Mr Francis. He wondered how he had that accident when he wasn’t in the road. How can a car hit someone in a corner and drove off without stopping. He thought shaking his head. Man must not cry, he said to himself

” you both can’t blame yourself because it no one fault. Who know if he’s the one that cause the accident, I means the monster ” dpo Jame said. A student who wanted to touch the boy that burnt to death, a sharp wood flew out of nowhere and sink into her chest thereby making everyone to start another running…

To Be Continued

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