The Project – Episode 4



Episode 4

.Mr and Mrs Edward could been seen seated in the parlour. Mr Edward reading a newspaper while his wife was busy asking him questions.
” woman, do you know the important of what I’m reading ” Mr Edward asked his wife just then Larry and Lizzy walked in.
” oh! Yes ” Lizzy shouted happily as she walked into the sitting room with Larry behind her.
” mum, guess what ” she said and sit close to her mother.

” Larry, what happened in the school today ” Mr Edward asked.
” the project I told you about dad. The project, Mr Benson granded us the permission to go ” Larry said excitedly while smiling.
” you’re happy Lizzy, isn’t it ” Mrs Edward asked.
” more than happy mum, I can’t wait till tomorrow ” Lizzy replied happily.
” should I say forest lover or.. ”
” oh! Dad spread me that ” Lizzy interrupted her father.
” I always wanted to go for the project and now that I got the chance, I should be happy and you should be excited for me ” she said getting up.

” umm… See you tomorrow ” she shouted and ran up to her room.
” won’t you come down for dinner ” Mrs Edward shouted to Lizzy hearing.
” I’m not hungry mum ” she shouted back.
” why’s she so excited going for the project ” Mr Edward asked his wife.
” and what’s good about the project ” his wife asked back in replied.

The following day
Today being the day for the project, the school compound was filled with alot of student’s talking and laughing simultaneously. Lizzy ran to meet Juliet.
” oh my God! This ‘s going to be interesting ” Lizzy shouted excitedly.
” what are they waiting for, we should be on our way by now “Juliet said inpatient. Few minutes later, they were already on the highway with the bus filled with a lot of noise.
” quiet ” Larry shouted but unfortunately, the noise increase.

Back to Melody High School.
The school was quiet. Most of the teachers were seen in the staff room sitting down while discussing about the ss3 students whose left for the project.
” that will give some of the students privilege to do whatever they want to do ” Mr Reuben said.

” what do you expect them to do “Mrs Grace replied.
” nowadays children… ” Mr Reuben wanted to say but was interrupted by the present of Mr Francis.
” did you forget something Mr Francis ” Mrs Grace asked surprised including Mr Reuben and some of the teachers whose was in the staff room. But unfortunately, Mr Francis didn’t answer instead he went to his table pick his agricultural science note book and made to walk out.

” Mr Francis ” one of the teacher called confused.
” I have a class please ” Mr Francis respond
” what? You left the students in the road ” Mr Reuben shouted standing up.
” excuse me, I have been in the hospital for a month. And today, I mange to come to school moreover, which students are you talking about ” the annoyed Mr Francis said.
” excuse me for a seconds, in the hospital ” Mrs Grace asked and stood up.
” and none of you visit me ” he replied.
” No, you’re lying right. This can’t be possible ” Mr Benson said after being called by one of the teacher.
” call the police immediately ” shouted Mr Benson the principal…

Back on the road
” can’t you people keep quiet for once, you’re no longer a kid ” said Miss Maria while the bus went in total silent as the bus keep moving and pull to a stop. All the students came down including Miss Maria and Mr Francis to see four officer with gun coming out of their vehicle. The students could been seen murmuring to themselves.
“Mr Francis, you’re under arrest for trying to be Mr Francis when you’re not ” the DPO said.
” what! ” the students exclaimed.
” but….”
” you’re to keep quiet or anything you said here, we be use against you in the court of law ” the dpo interrupted Mr Francis.
” are you crazy, how can you said this ‘s not Mr Francis ” Miss Maria said unable to believe what she heard.
” what evidence do you have to arrest him ” she asked just then a car pulled over. Four teachers including the real Mr Francis alight.
” Jesus… ” the students exclaimed moving backward from the fake Mr Francis. Just when they wanted to put a handcuff on the fake Mr Francis hands, he suddenly turned into a monster scary the day like out of the everybody.

“aaaarrghhh ” they screamed and ran into the near thereby forest.
” help me ” students shouted as they got killed and being divorcee by the monster leaving the rest running deep into the forest.

The students including the four teacher and the remaining two officers came to a stop breathing heavily.
” what are we to do now ” the dpo asked.
” finding our way back ” Mr Francis answered.
” gush, what have I put myself into. I should have remained in the school ” Mrs Grace said and slap her forehead.
” I have a sick mother at home, I should have listened to my sick mother ” Jack cried out sitting on the floor.
” we have to leave this forest before something bad happens to us ” Miss Maria said looking around the environment she’s. How dangerous it is for someone to spend a night.
” we don’t even know our way back to the road. How are we suppose to get out of here ” Larry asked.
” even if we know our way back to the road, we’re not going to make it, this place is dangerous. I have heard a lot of stories about this place… And don’t ask me who told me ” Lizzy said surprising everyone while some students began to cry wishing they can disappeared and reappeared in the school.
” what do you means young girl ” the Dpo asked.
” we’re in the forest of umudide the living death ” Lizzy replied.
” which means, every living soul that die here in this forest ” Mr Reuben said looking from one person to another.
” will returned back to hurt us…. ”
” oh my God! ” Joshua interrupted Lizzy while pointing to the death living students walking towards them with blood all over their body.
” aaaarrghh ” students screamed running deep into the forest…



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