The Project – Episode 3



Episode 3

The next day at Melody High School.
Juliet seated in her sit with a cabin star biscuit on her hand obviously eating when Lizzy entered the class with a cane and walk straight to Juliet desk.
” yesterday was ice cream ” Lizzy said then flog the desk startling Juliet and some of the students who sat close to her.
” today is biscuit ” Lizzy added then held Juliet ear.
” Juliet, Juliet, Juliet, Juliet ” Lizzy called dragging Juliet ear.
” how many times did I called you ” Lizzy asked but got no response from Juliet , therefore, she flog the desk harder.

” 3 times…. No 4 times ” Juliet answered adjusting backward.
” the next time I see you with a snack, I’m going to flog you. Understood “Lizzy said leaning towards Juliet while Juliet nodded positively.
” yes, yes ” Juliet added.
” now, give me the biscuit ” Lizzy requested then Juliet hand over it to her just then Larry and Henry entered the class. Larry collected the from Lizzy.
” it taste good ” said Larry.
” Henry, won’t you take ” he asked while Henry took the biscuit and walked to their sit.
” Larry, where’s the biscuit you took from me ” Lizzy asked startling them with the cane.

” would you please drop the cane ” Henry said.
” come on babe ” Larry added. Meanwhile, Joshua who sat quietly in his sit became jealous of the way Larry called Lizzy. He then walk to her.
” would you mind if we see in the library during break ” Joshua whispered.
” huh ” Lizzy asked then look at Joshua and smile.

Immediately the jingle bell was rang for break, Joshua walk out of the class and held to the school library. Within some minutes, Lizzy walked in and sit opposite Joshua.
” I’m here, why did you said we should meet here ” Lizzy asked expecting an answer from Joshua but instead, Joshua stared at her unable to speak. Lizzy smile on seeing the look on Joshua face, the look of jealous.
” some one is jealous of what I don’t know ” she said to none in particular but unfortunately, Joshua heard.
” uh, who told you I’m jealous ” Joshua asked pretending not being jealous.
” it obviously those look in your face show it all ” Lizzy replied.

” As.. As.. I means as friend, you got jealous when your friend is paying more attention to other not you ” Joshua lie.
” so, those thing in your face are friend jealous ” Lizzy asked.
” yes of course, you know, you never pay attention to me the way you pay to Larry and his friend ” Joshua said.
” Larry is my twin brother ” she said and stood up.
” you should be bold to say the truth next time ” Lizzy said leaving the shocked Joshua who wanted to say something but couldn’t.
” Lizzy, wait ” he called out but unfortunately, Lizzy was out.
” did she just said Larry is her twin brother ” he asked himself.
” No, maybe I didn’t heard her properly. I will have to ask her ” he added thinking

Mr Francis and Miss Maira were sitted in the principal office. Mr Francis is a Agricultural science teacher while Miss Maria is a biology teacher. They were probably there to discuss the project which they have wanted the students to go in the zoom and perhaps anywhere in the forest in as fact as the project will be done. For it to be easier for the students during their waec practical but unfortunately Mr Benson the principal refused.
” sir, you know, it will be good if the students experience some of the things we tough them ” Miss Maira said.
” it will also help them during their waec ” Mr Francis supported.
” that project has once been done the year I was newly transfer here. What happened is something I don’t want it to happen again ” Mr Benson said.
” alright sir, if you don’t what the students to learn more, then there’s no problem. We just wanted to help ” said Mr Francis.

” they’re the ones to benefit not us ” Miss Maria added. And they stood up to go. Mr Benson thought on what they said. He concluded that the students should go after all, they we be the ones to benefit.
” alright, which of the class are going ” he asked.
“those offering agricultural science and biology ” Mr Francis answered.
” that’s, all the ss3 we have to go ” Mr Benson asked.
” yes sir, we promise nothing will happen to them, trust us sir ” Miss Maria said.
” when are they going for the project “Mr Benson asked again.
” tomorrow ” they both answered.
” permission granted ” said Mr Benson.
” thank you sir ” they said and walk out.

Joshua walk into the classroom not without taking a glance at Lizzy. He didn’t know what ‘s wrong with him why he believed Lizzy is Larry twin sister. Perhaps he was dreaming or it a chance for him to tell Lizzy of his feeling for her.
” Joshua ” Jack his best friend called.
” oh! Sorry, I don’t know what came over me ” Joshua answered and sit down.
” xup bro ” Jack said.
” could you believe Larry and Lizzy are twin ” Joshua asked taking a glance at Lizzy who’s talking to Lizzy.
” they don’t resemble twin ” Jack said in disbelief.

” she told me herself ” Joshua replied.
” and you believe her. They’re fucking lover ” Jack respond. They were busy talking that they didn’t reliance there was a teacher in the class.
” Brown, I’m in the class ” Miss Maria said to Joshua.
” we’re sorry ma ” Joshua replied.
” Now listen, about the project we all talked about, we’ll be going on Thursday ” Miss Maria said while every students jump up in excitement and cheering..

” is it next week Thursday ma ” a female student asked.
” is tomorrow ” Miss Maria answered thereby increasing the cheering and talking simultaneously.
” we can’t wait for tomorrow to come ” a student shouted. Miss Maria smile and walk out of the class to the next class. Leaving the students talking and laughing simultaneously as some of them who haven’t been to the zoom or away from home got the opportunity to go.
” make sure you tells your parents ” Mr Francis said from the window.
” we’ll sir ” student’s who have time to answer answered…



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