The Project – Episode 2

Episode 2

Larry and some of the prefect were still standing by the gate obviously waiting for late comers to punish just then Larry glanced at his wrist watch.
” hey, lock the gate it 9 o’clock already ” Larry told one of the prefect.
Larry and Henry walked to their class. They were both in the same class including Lizzy. They climb the stairs walking on the corridor leading to their class.
” it seems we missed a class ” Larry said to Henry.
” I won’t stand by the gate again if I miss any class ” Henry said.
” ah! Bro’s, it’s because of the class you will miss or you don’t want to do your job ” asked Larry. Truth to be told, that’s not the reason Henry don’t what to stand by the gate maybe because he wanted to be seeing Lizzy face always.
” whatever ” answered Henry. They met a teacher coming out of their class they became disappointed. Quietly, they walk to their various sit and sit down without a trace of smile on their face. Larry sat in front of Juliet while Lizzy sat at Juliet back. Lizzy wrote something on a piece of paper then give it to Juliet who transfer it to Larry.

” always missing class Larry ” Larry smile after reading the content inside the paper. He then wrote back which Juliet transfer.
” do you think it easy to be a senior prefect ” Larry wrote.
” why don’t you check your time when you’re on duty ” Lizzy wrote.
” why where you not on duty ” Larry wrote.
” I’m tired of being a prefect ” Lizzy wrote .
” I’m not a letter exchanger oh! ” Juliet screamed. Some students laughed while others giggle.
” who are those lover exchanging letter ” a male student asked.
” senior prefect and laboratory prefect ” Juliet answered.
” heeeey.. ” students exclaimed in surprised including Joshua who wasn’t only surprised but shocked. To think the girl he has feeling for, love someone else not him.

2.00pm in the afternoon
School was over, students were seen trooping out of the school premises. A black SUV drove into the school compound. Lizzy and Joshua were standing at the corridor when Joshua saw the car, he turned to Lizzy.
” hey, Lizzy, I have to go ” Joshua said.
” I know ” Lizzy replied then hugged Joshua.
” take care ” she said and disengage from the hugged.
” I will baby ” Joshua replied then hurried down the stairs.
” I’m not a baby ” Lizzy shouted to Joshua hearing. Lizzy stared at the car until it was out of the school.
” hey, let go ” Larry said from behind.
” oh! ” she exclaimed. Lizzy place her hand on Larry shoulder while Larry held her waist. They began to walk home but came across Katherina at the gate.
” afternoon S. P ” Katherina greeted.
” afternoon Katherina ” Larry respond. It obviously Katherina was waiting for Larry but on seeing Larry and Lizzy in that position, she became jealous.
” maybe she’s his girlfriend “she thought.
” Katherina ” Larry called when he noticed her face.
” yes ” Katherina answered without looking at him.
” while is your face like that ” Larry asked.
” nothing. Anyway, who’s she to you ” she asked referring to Lizzy.
” she’s my baby girl ” Larry replied while Lizzy chuckle and hit him on the chest playful.
” your baby girl ” Katherina asked.
” yes of course ” Larry answered..

Katherina went silent and glanced at Lizzy through the corner of her eyes feeling jealous.
” why where you not on duty ” Larry asked Lizzy.
” please, lemme be okay ” Lizzy replied.
” you said what ” asked Larry.
” you heard me right ” Lizzy asked back in replied.
” you don they big na, why you nor go talk to me like that ” Larry spoken in pigin English.
” Larry ” Katherina called surprised.
” yes, Rina ” Larry answered.

Mr Edward and his family were having a good time as they were seen in the parlour watching Mercy TV. Lizzy sat in between their parents with an Oxford dictionary in her hand while Larry sat alone. Lizzy look up from the dictionary and glanced at Larry who was more focused on the TV and excited with the way people were falling.
” senior prefect ” Lizzy called abruptly surprising Mrs Edward who quickly look at her.
” Lizzy, my name isn’t senior prefect ” Larry said facing the TV once again.
” S. P ” Lizzy called.
” don’t make me lay my hands on you, Lizzy ” said Larry.
” you can’t ” Lizzy replied.
” what did I do? huh” Larry asked.
” watching Mercy TV instead of reading your books ” said Lizzy.
” ain’t you watching too ” Larry asked.
” No ” she answered. Larry face the TV again not minding Lizzy. Lizzy stood up and walked to Larry sitting beside him. She then used her right hand to turned Larry face to her.
” Lizzy, what is it na ” Larry said in frustrated.
” I what to tell you something ” she replied.
” okay ” he waited then turned to the TV but Lizzy turn him back while he jerked up.
” Lizzy, lemme been ” he yelled.
” S. P stop watching TV ” she yelled back. Mr and Mrs Edward stared at their children in awkward.
” Mom, warn your daughter before I lay my hand on her, you better tell her to stop distracting me ” he said annoyed.
” she’s telling you a good thing ” Mr Edward said.
” dad, I don’t wanna believe you’re supporting her ” he said.
” she has been disturbing me since for crying out loud ” he added.
” Lizzy is your twin sister for goodness sake ” Mrs Edward said.
” twin Kai… What kind of twin she’s? ” Larry asked and angrily stormed out of the parlour.

Later that day, Larry sit in his reading table with her physic textbook reflecting the wavelength taught by his physic teacher when Lizzy walked in. Larry frown on seeing her.
” Larry ” she called but got no response therefore she went close to him.
” Larry, I’m sorry ” she pleaded and held Larry right hand.
” Lizzy, you’re disturbing me ” Larry said.
” please na” she pleaded.
” you know you’re my sweet brother ” she added thereby putting a smile on Larry face.
” I forgive you stubborn sister ” Larry said laughed and embrace Lizzy….

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