The Project – Episode 1

Episode 1

Lizzy sat in her reading table reading her biology textbook. The wall clock in her room showed 2.11am in the morning yet Lizzy was still reading. She has a laptop on the table. On the wall hanged her pictures, she’s fair in complexion with a dark hair. The door to her room suddenly open and her father Mr Edward walk in. Lizzy gasp in fear knowing who her father is.
” what!! ” Mr Edward exclaimed thereby attracting his wife.
” Lizzy, what are you still doing by this time ” Mr Edward asked his daughter.
” Honey, who are you talking to ” Mrs Edward asked.

” do you see your daughter ” Mr Edward asked back in replied.
” Lizzy, what say the time ” Mrs Edward asked in surprised.
” mom, dad, I’m sorry ” Lizzy quickly apologize.
” now listen, from now hence forth, I won’t see you awake when the time clock 11pm” said Mr Edward.
” understood ” he asked.
” yes dad ” Lizzy answered.
” go to bed ” her mother said while Lizzy hurriedly went to bed and covered herself with the blanket. Mr and Mrs Edward watched Lizzy sleep for a while before they exist the room.
Lizzy is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward. She has a twin brother Larry although they ain’t twin but something make them to be twin( you will find out as the story unfold ) they were both in same class in melody high school. Larry the head boy while Lizzy is a laboratory prefect. Their father Mr Edward is well known as a discipline and decent man who brought his children up decent and discipline.

Mr Edward family ate in silent cause Mr Edward hate it when you talk while eating. Lizzy dressed in a spreed green skirt and a white sleeveless top with a jacket and a beret while Larry ware a green trouser and a white sleeveless top with a black shoes.
After they were through eating, Larry follow Lizzy to her room.
” hey Lizzy ” Larry called Lizzy who was putting her textbook on her backpack.
” yes ” she answered.
“I overheard dad yelling at you last night. What was your offence ” Larry asked sitting on Lizzy reading table.
” actually, dad meet me reading last night ” she replied tying the lace of her shoes.
” no Lizzy, why reading by that time, you’re already an intelligent girl you always wish to be. You shouldn’t be reading by that time ” Larry told her.
” it because I want to be more intelligent like you ” she responded and stood up.
” if so, you read two hours before you sleep and also know you can’t never be intelligent like me okay” Larry said.
” OK bro’s ” Lizzy replied and glanced at the wall clock.
” head boy, you’re late ” Lizzy said.
” prefect you’re also late ” Larry replied.
” let go dad is waiting for us ” he added and they hurried out.
Their parents were waiting for them outside besides the car. Mr Edward entered the car and start the engine immediately he saw his children coming.
” bye mom ” they said in unison while Lizzy pack her mother on her cheek entered the car and zoom off.

Melody High School
” S.P, you’re late ” Henry the punctually
perfect told him.
” I think so ” Larry respond looking through
the gate to the assembly hall. The assembly
was going on.
” well, Sir John want to see you ” Henry said
thereby making Larry to look at him.
” why ” he asked.
” I don’t know for sure ” Henry answered.
” oh shit! ” he curse and walk into the
school. Larry hurried up the stairs walking
on the corridor leading to Sir John office. On
the other hand, Lizzy walked into the
assembly and stood at Juliet back.
” you’re late ” Juliet said.
” yeah ” Lizzy replied looking around. Juliet
understood who Lizzy was looking for she
therefore say to her.
” look who you’re looking for ” Juliet
pointed at a boy in the front. His name is
Joshua, he’s cute and handsome height in
complexion and tall with a sparkling eyes.
Lizzy mind calm down after seeing who she
wanted to see at that moment, Joshua
turned and their met. Joshua gave her a
lovely smile which she returned back
Sir John sat in his office coping note when
Larry knock.
” yes, you’re permit to come in ” sir John
said still facing his book. Meanwhile, after
Larry knock and gotten a replied. He
hesitated and heave a heavy sigh then
” good morning sir ” Larry greeted. Sir John
after recognize the voice therefore raise his
head instantly staring at Larry.
” Sir, I’m so sorry I came late ” Larry quickly
apologize but sir John didn’t say anything.
” you sent for me sir ” Larry said after a long
” yes, I do sent for you. It good thing you
know, you’re late. Why? ” asked sir John.

” No idea sir ” he replied.
” 8.34am say the time and assembly started
few minutes ago because you weren’t there
to rang the bell ” said Sir John.
” I’m sorry Sir, I promise, it not going to
happen again ” said Larry.
” next time you’re late, I’m going to punish
you… Now go make use of your brain ” sir
John said and continue what he was doing.
” thank you sir ” Larry said and made to
walk away.
” open the door ” sir John told Larry.
Larry returned back to the gate to meet the
late comers kneeling.
” Katherina, why don’t you take the late
comers to pick the front of principal office
“Larry said to Katherina.
” drop your backpack and follow me ” she

Lizzy walked to her sit and sat down. She sit
close to Juliet but Juliet wasn’t in class at
that moment.
” so boring ” Lizzy said then glanced at her
wrist watch.
” oh! ” she heave a sigh then hissed. Joshua
who noticed Lizzy behavior, walk up to her.
” Hi ” Joshua said then sat on Lizzy desk.
” Hi ” Lizzy replied then they became silent.
Joshua broke the silence.
” um, you look so awesome and beautiful ”
Joshua said smiling.
” please, don’t try to flatter me, it’s not
working ” Lizzy replied.
” sorry, I’m just trying to make you smile ”
said Joshua.
” oh thanks!” she responded.
” you’re welcome ” he said.
” I noticed you talking to yourself, why? “he
“feel boring that why ” she answered.
” why don’t you tell me ” he asked.
” you were busy with your friends besides, it
doesn’t matter ” she said just then Juliet
walk in with ice cream smiling at Lizzy.
” Juliet, Juliet ” Lizzy called.
” why the called eh ” Juliet asked annoyed.
” ice cream this early morning ” Lizzy said
standing up.
” it none of your damn business ” Juliet
replied licking her ice cream which irritated
Lizzy who snatch the ice cream from her.
” did I bought it with your money ” Juliet
shouted thereby bringing attention from
students whose began murmuring to
themselves while staring at them just then,
Miss maira there biology teacher walk in
causing them to keep quiet…
To Be Continued

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