Tears In My Eyes – Episode 8

Episode 8

Joshua is seen sitted in his sitting room watching TV. He aven’t bath or eat just then, he suddenly heard a knock. He checked his wrist watch.
” Oh shit?? ” he curse understand his breathe and went to open the door.
” Wow, she’s so beautiful ” he exclaimed in his mind staring at Helen.
” come in” he finally said opening the door widely for Helen.
“I thought you won’t let me in ” she said and smile.
” Why not ” he replied noticing Helen is sad.
” hey, you’re okay ” he asked concern.
” yeah ” she answered.
” no you ain’t ” he disagreed.
” I’m ” she said forcing a smile.
” don’t force smile for me I’m not a baby “Joshua said and put down the volume then sit beside her.
” I know you barely know me for a while ago but you can share your problems with me” he added. Helen look at him and decided to talk to him. She went ahead and explained everything thing to him.

” you could have ate here yesterday but you were being shy “he said.
” Go eat oh! ” he added. Helen stood up and held to the kitchen.
” shy, shy girl ” he mocked.
” Jos ” Helen called from the kitchen.
” yes ” he respond.
” have you eaten ” she asked.
” Umm… No” he answered.
” Come eat with me ” she said.

After they were through eating, Helen wash the dishes and went to sit in the sitting room watching cartoons channel.
” hey, little girl ” Joshua called out entering the parlour well dressed.
” Called me that again, and I’m going to have your head cut ” Helen threaten.
” you look good, um… Handsome ” she said thereby putting a smile on Joshua face.

Three days later, Kenneth was finding it hard to connect with Joshua. Joshua is busy his called and sometimes switch off his phone.
” pick your call Joshua ” Kenneth said looking at his phone but unfortunately, Joshua didn’t pick. He try the number again.
” the MTN number you’re trying to call, is kindly switch off please try again later ” said from the MTN customer .
” Fuck you ” he curse understand his breathe.
” how can the number I called just now be switch off.. Is he still mad at his presents situation.. Maybe I should check on his parents if they have heard from him ” he said and stand up.
” I need to get in touch with him to know how he’s doing ” he added…

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