Tears In My Eyes – Episode 7

Episode 7

Mr Alfred is seen sleeping while Mrs Martha is sitting in the bed leaning on a pillow just then she tap her husband who wake up yawning.
” woman, what’s it? ” he asked.
“it’s your daughter ” Mrs Martha replied while Mr Alfred adjusted properly.
” what have she done this time again? ” he asked.
” can you believe Helen insulted me. Me her mother ” she asked.
” Helen insulted you ” Mr Alfred asked.
” And have the mind to slap Stella just because she asked her to stop insulting me ” she added.
” go to bed, I will sure deal with her tomorrow ” he said.
” so, Helen have the mind to insult my wife. This’s how she what to destroy my marriage…. Eeeeh alright then ” Mr Alfred concluded and went back to sleep.

” Helen, you have the gods to insult your mother” Mr Alfred shouted to Helen who was busy picking her dirty clothes. She went outside, sit down and began to wash her clothes without altering a word to her father. In anger, Mr Alfred drag Helen up and give her a hot slap. Helen held her cheek in tear. Stella and her mother who are busy washing couldn’t help but smile while Godwin look at them in hatred.
” father you slap me ” she asked tearfully.
” I will never respect any of you in this house… And for your information, that woman you called your wife isn’t my mother and she will never be my mother” she shouted.
” Gbamm” Helen received another slap from her father.
” how dare you talk to your mo…”
” she’s not my mother ” Helen yelled interrupting her father.
” Ever since my mother died, your wife has been maltreating me. You don’t care about my me, my health, all you care about is to work for your wife to eat ” she said cleaning the tear with the back of her hand.
” if my mother was still alive, I don’t think you will raise your hand on me because of that wicked woman you called your wife ” she concluded and went back washing her clothes.

Before she was through washing, she was already hungry she couldn’t ate last night because of her stepmother. She entered her room, took a shower dressed up and went to get her food in the kitchen but no food was left for her. She therefore went back to the dinning because they were eating already.
” if I may ask, where’s my food ?” she asked but got no response.
” well, you can keep quiet but next time if I don’t see my food, no one will eat in this house ” with that she walk out of the house.

” what’s wrong with her?” Godwin asked.
” go ask her, she’s your sister ” Mrs Martha answered.
” besides, why don’t you give her food” Godwin asked again.
” I cooked it with my money “Mrs Martha replied.
” is that why you didn’t give her food” he asked irritated.
” you don’t expect a mother she insulted to give her food do you ” Mrs Martha barked.
” Do you expect her to respect you when you’re treating her like this? “he asked.
” Godwin, why all this question you are asking mom” Stella asked being fed-up with Godwin interrogation.
” Ask her she’s your mother” Godwin said and walk away in annoyance….

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