Tears In My Eyes – Episode 6

Episode 6


Mr Alfred on returning from work, called out to Helen thrice but got no response therefore, he walked into Helen room but to his surprise, Helen isn’t there.
” Where’s this little rat ” He asked none in particular.
” Stella, Stella ” He called.
” yes dad ” Stella answered from her room and comes out.
” where’s your sister? ” He asked.
” My sister? ” Stella asked back confusedly.
” Where’s Helen ” He barked startling Stella who moved backward.
” I don’t know where she’s ” She said.

Helen pack the plate in which Joshua used in eating and went to wash them in the sink. She returned few minutes and sit opposite Joshua.
” Thanks Helen, I appreciate it alot” said Joshua.
” it’s nothing… Why did you relocate here” Helen asked.
” it a long story ” he replied sadly.
” I got all the time to listen ” Helen said.
” it 5mp do you still want to listen ” Joshua said after checking his time.
” OMG.. My parents will be looking for me ” Helen said then stood up.
” I have gone to go.. And I’m coming back tomorrow ”
” alright take care ” replied Joshua.
” yeah.. What ‘s the name again ” she asked with her hand on the door handle.
” Joshua Gabriel ” he answered.
” I almost forgot Jos ” she said smiling and exist the house.

” Where are you coming from ” her stepmother throwed the question to Helen immediately she entered the compound.
” from a friend place ” her answered not minding her stepmother.
” you will return to your friend place ” said her stepmother.
“for what ” Helen asked .
” what kind of stupid question is that.. huh ” she said in anger.
” lemme me asked you a question. If your daughter was the one in my shoes, what would you have say to her? ” Helen asked and adjust.
” how dare you talk back at my mother ” Stella who was quite all this while voice out.

” like my question, what would she have say ” Helen said taking two step forward.
” and so what? ” Stella asked.
” she should do the same thing to me ” Helen replied just then Stella give her a hot slap, Helen returned it back with two thunderous slap to her face sending Stella backward.
” never in your entire life raise your hand on me. I’m one year older than you so respect that ” Helen said walking inside. All this while, Godwin was by the door watching.
” you will see Helen ” said her stepmother with an evil grin.
” you can’t do me anything ” Helen respond backing them.
” I like what you did to her ” Godwin whispered to Helen before she walk in.

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