Tears In My Eyes – Episode 5

Episode 5

” What should i do? Why’s there tears in my eyes? I’m going to die ” Joshua sobbed.
” Oh God help him ” Kenneth said as he find it hard to fight back his tears.
” You’re not going to die Joshua ” Kenneth added feeling the pain of his friend.
” I’m not going to die but it has been said by the doctor ” Joshua said looking at Kenneth with tearful eyes.
” The doctor didn’t said so, he said you have…. ”
” Little time is tomorrow ” Joshua interrupted and stood up.
” Little time, yes, little time and i will be gone ” he walked to the beer parlour. Picking a bottle of whiskey and began to empty it.

” what are you doing Joshua? ” Kenneth asked.
” Little time and i will be gone man ” he said.
” damn it man ” Kenneth said trying to take the drink from which he succeed.
” you want me death, and that i you gave me sure sickness” he shouted coming downstairs with his luggage.
Mr and Mrs Gabriel Maxwell stared at their son in awkward even Kenneth couldn’t understand why Joshua is leaving the house.
” I know how you feel Joshua, but packing out of you parents house is not going to solve this problem ” Kenneth said filling the gap between them.
” you don’t, you don’t know how i feel except you’re in my shoes” he said adjusting his box.
” Son, why are you leaving? ” Mr Gabriel asked.
” I’m leaving those who want me death” said Joshua.
” Are you crazy, how could you say your parents want you death ” Kenneth said.
” they don’t what me death but they keep it away from me all this while ” he walk to the door and suddenly turned.
” I’m leaving, don’t come looking for me ” he said finally existing the house.

” Father, you don’t have to feel bad for what Joshua said ” Kenneth said looking at Joshua parents.
” I think, he’s mad at his presents situation ” he added.
” We understand Kenneth, thanks for your help ” Mrs Gabriel said.
” You’re welcome ma, I guess i should take my leave ” he said walked out. Mrs Gabriel turned to his husband.
” We shouldn’t have told him ” Mrs Gabriel said.
” Telling him was the only option, he’s dying slowly ” Mr Gabriel said walking away.

Few weeks later
Joshua new apartment was 30minutes walk to where Helen stayed. Since Joshua pack in, he had never come out. Some of the neighbors are beginning to think he’s dead but some disagree cause, he would have been decay and smelling if truly he’s dead. Joshua lay on his bed facing the ceiling contemplating and meditating, his mind full of sorrow. All he needs was someone to console him…

Question; how did you see this episode? What ‘s Joshua fate?

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