Tears In My Eyes – Episode 4

Episode 4

Stella on entering into the house walk straight to Helen room in searching for Helen school uniform but couldn’t find it she therefore conclude Helen haven’t return back from school. She walk out side just then, Godwin and Helen entered but to Stella surprised Helen isn’t in her school uniform neither did she see it in her room.
” where could she have put it, or has she washed it. No i didn’t see any uniform outside.. Ummm ” she said in her mind and glanced at Helen.
” what was she doing in my room ” Helen asked herself then entered her room to find it scattered.
” Was she looking for my school uniform ” she searched her clothes if anyone is missing.
” oh my God!! I think she is the reason behind my missing school uniform yesterday ” she then sat on the bed.
” if i’m not wise Stella will embarrass me again and that never going to happen, Helen.. Helen be wise Stella is a little girl for you to deal with ” she soliloquise.
” hmm… Wicked people “she was interrupted by Godwin who opened her room door.
” Why are you sitting down? Don’t you have anything to do ” he asked
” Oh! Yes”she replied.
” Go do it before they start releasing curse on you ” he added.

Stella think critically on where Helen kept her school uniform. She needs to embarrass her again, it feels good when she see student’s mocking and laughing at Helen. Helen is beautiful but she will make her dirty and the only way she can do that is to hide Helen school uniform.
” where did she kept it ” she asked as she walked to and from in her room.

Joshua a young man of 24years and happen to be the only child of Mr and Mrs Gabriel Maxwell could be seen in his room with his friend Kenneth. He had a sicknesses which’s eating him up and the doctor certified him to have a little time to live.
” Joshua, you have to take things as it’s ” Kenneth said although it hurt him to see his friend in sure knife-edge but there’s nothing he can do hence to comfort him.

Question; what do you think will happen to Joshua?

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