Tears In My Eyes – Episode 10

Episode 10

where’s she coming ” faith asked Stella.
” I don’t know, this isn’t the first or second time she ‘s going out ” said Stella.
” maybe she’s coming from her boyfriend place, you know ” Juliet said.
” but the look on her face showed she sad and unhappy ” faith said.
” maybe her boyfriend broke up with her ” Stella said.
” who knows it might be so ” said Juliet.
” guess what I saw in her hand in the morning ” said Stella.
” what could that be ” faith and Juliet asked in unison.
” guess first ” Stella said.
” we can’t guess ” they replied together.
” jamb form ” Stella said almost like a whispered.

” what!!! ” they exclaimed.
” it’s a lie ” said Juliet.
” impossible that can’t be ” faith added.
” it can’t be Stella ” Juliet said in disbelief. And at the same time wandering how Juliet got the jamb form.
” tell me more about it, who bought it for her? ” Juliet asked.
” that’s what I’m trying to find out ” Stella answered.
” something’s that blindfold me is that, how did she got a rich guy who what to sponsored her education ” Stella asked.
” I remember only the school fee and acceptance fee is thousands ” said Juliet.
” OMG… The guy must be a rich handsome young man not like Jack ” said Stella.
” Luke, had no day say anything about my education or school ” Juliet said jealousy .
” if I see that guy eh, I will do anything to have him ” the quiet Faith said out of jealous.
” well no problem if you said so ” Juliet said.
” just shut up lemme think ” said Stella.

Helen after doing everything in the morning went inside and bathe then dressed up in her school uniform then dropped her backpack on the bed hoping to pick it after eating. Helen entered the sitting room and found everyone eating including her father and Daniel but didn’t found her food on the table she therefore went into the kitchen and everything was empty.
” where’s my food ” she asked standing a mile from the the kitchen.
” where’s my food ma ” she reiterated but yet hot no response.
” where’s my food ” she asked for the upteeth time.

” will you shut up and go to your school ” Mrs Martha finally said.
Helen stared at her father and stepmother in disbelief. She looked at her father, at that moment, she abhor toward him. How can someone who brought her up ignore her. Helen try to control her anger but unfortunately she can’t therefore she began to pour out her heart.
” I hate you father ” she said inbetween tear.
” How could you abandon your own blood child, you’re wicked. I will pay all of you back not today, not tomorrow but I will espically you this wicked and wizard woman ” she said.
” I bet Alfred don’t know you’re a wizard before he married you” she added. The word irritated her father who took his soup and pour it on Juliet school uniform.

” Jesus… ” Helen shouted as the soup stain her white sleeveless top.
” Oh my God!.. Father, you did this to me ” Helen said bitterly.
” Shut up my friend ” Mrs Martha barked furiously then Helen turned to her.
” Are you satisfied now ” Helen asked calmly but continue when Mrs Martha didn’t say anything.
” I know this ‘s what you want, this ‘s what you always prayed for. To get me and my father separated. You’re evil and I will say it again in the present of your children… ”
“oh shut up ” Stella rose up in annoyance thereby interrupting Helen.
” never in your entire life insult my mother again ” Stella said angrily at Helen.
” what if I do, what will you do ” Helen said then face stella.
” it will be history ” said Stella.
” Now I know you and your mother posses the same witch ” said Helen.
” taawff, taawff ” came the slap twice in her cheek from her father.
” you what to destroy my marriage since you had killed your mother “Mr Alfred asked angrily. Helen didn’t says anything rather than stared at them and walk into her in tear.

” distrasture child ” Mr Alfred said….
To Be Continued

Question : How did you see this episode? Do you think what Alfred did to Helen’s good for calling her stepmother wizard ?

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