Tears In My Eye – Episode 9

Episode 9

Helen couldn’t understand why Joshua switch off his phone when the called came in. Therefore, she looked at Joshua expecting him to explain. On the otherhand, Joshua on seeing the questioning look on Helen face, pretend not to see it however, he knew why Helen is looking at him but pretend not which Helen noticed.
” I’m still waiting for the explanation ” Helen said in anticipation waiting to hear what Joshua will say.
” which explanation are you waiting for ” Joshua asked.
” explain now ” Helen demanded.
” Helen, to be sincere, I don’t know what you’re talking about ” Joshua said with a serious face.

” don’t play dumb with me, why did you switch off your phone and who was calling ” Helen asked.
” it one of my friend ,moreover I don’t want to talk about him ” Joshua said.

Kenneth was warmly welcomed by Joshua parents as he sat comfortable .
” my son, what’s the problem which makes you sad ” Mr Gabriel said sitting in the same couch with his wife.
” sir, it just I haven’t heard from Joshua and any time I tried calling his number, he either busy my call or switch off his phone ” Kenneth said.
” I thought you had heard from him ” Mrs Gabriel said in a sobbing mood.
” my son, we haven’t heard from him also ” Mr Gabriel said sadly.
” his phone rang but he ignored it ” Mrs Gabriel added.
” it all my fault ” Mrs Gabriel said.
” I believe he will come back and also I will keep trying his number ” Kenneth said.
” thank you my son” said Mr Gabriel.
” it nothing sir ” Kenneth replied.

Helen stood up in anger and face Joshua in annoyance.
” if you keep avoiding your parents and friends just because of your present situation, then I will stop coming here ” Helen said and walk out of Joshua apartment. Joshua try calling her back but Helen didn’t answer.
Helen walked into there compound in annoyance. She didn’t like the way she walked out of Joshua apartment but said to herself she will not go back to his apartment if he keeps avoiding those who love him espically his parents.
” for crying out loud, is his parents the cause of his situation ” she asked herself.

” why must he been avoiding his parents when they tried to give him every thing he wants and also care for him despite his situation, they are still spending on him” Helen couldn’t understand Joshua behavior. Coming out of her day dreaming, the first person she saw was faith fellow by Juliet sitting in a plastic chairs with Stella laughing and talking simultaneously but they became quiet immediately they saw her coming. Helen ignored them and walk inside while they laughed mockery…

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