The Player I Hate – 1

Episode 1

Melody’s POV
This is a story of a girl that hated the player.
I sit at the back of the class and sketch smiley faces on my notepad as my teacher explains the exponential and trig graphs to us again.
My eyes focus on Tyson as he sticks his hand up. The teacher glares at Tyson, “What do you want, Tyson?” She asks. Yup, he is her favorite.
Tyson McCannon is, no doubt, the hottest guy at the school. He has the looks, the talents and the body. He flirts with everyone and is known as ‘the player’ of Killeville High and yet most girls still sleep with him and get their hearts broken when they find out he was just using them. Surprise, you just slept with a player… What did you expect? Thank god Tyson has never spoken to me or even looked at me since seventh grade.
He is reckless and I absolutely hate him for it. I mean seriously, one time I was partnered with him for a biology project in grade seven and he let poisonous frogs loose in the lab so we got zero for the project and we got detention.
“Ma’am, what is the point of maths? I mean, my mom is an accountant and even she doesn’t use the quadratic formula.”
I roll my eyes and put my head on my desk. Can this Lesson just be over already? As if God heard my prayer, the bell rings. Lunch time bitches!
*mini internal dance party* What? I like my food.
I get up and pack my bags then head straight for the cafeteria. Unlike in those movies where the cafeteria food is disgusting, our school serves awesome things like pizzas and chocolate mousse.
Once I’ve gotten my food I take a seat at the table I’ve been sitting at for the last three years. “Hey Mel.” My best friend, Jessica Melroy, greets. “Hey Jess.” I say and smile as I sit down and start stuffing my face.
Jessica turns to the right to watch with everyone else as Tyson and his two best friends- Jackson Griffits and Tyler Holver sit down at a table with the rest of the populars aka. the sluts and jocks.
Sadly Jessica likes Jackson and so she made me come and sit at one of the tables closest to the populars.
Yay . Not.
The populars are loud and disgusting, take now for instance; One of the cheerleaders are sitting on Tyson’s lap and sucking his face like her life depends on it. Ew .
“Dude, I’ve fucked most of the girls in this school. There isn’t anyone I can’t get.” I overhear Tyson saying to Jackson. Jackson raises his eyebrows then turns to scan the cafeteria. His eyes keep scanning and I watch him, until his eyes land on someone unexpected and he smirks. Me.
Jackson turns back to Tyson, “Bet you can’t get Melody Carson.” Jackson says and nods his head towards me. I quickly look away at Jessica who is staring at me with wide eyes, “Did you hear them?” She screeches. “He is betting that Tyson can’t get you. Do you know how competitive Tyson is? Run.” She whispers loudly.
I listen to Jess and stand up, quickly glancing over at the populars takes to see Tyson and Jackson staring at me.
I quickly make me way towards the exit of the cafeteria and out the doors. There is still five minutes till lunch ends, I guess I’ll just walk to class.
As I walk I hear someone shout my name. I turn around and my eyes widen when I see Tyson running towards me.
I start backing away slowly but Tyson catches up to me faster than expected and he crashes me into the wall. I groan and shut my eyes, “Ouch.”
I open my eyes when I hear Tyson whispers, “Step one.” Or at least I think that’s what he said. “Do you know who I am?” Tyson asks. I frown and nod my head. “Good.”
He leans his head down towards me and puts his forehead against mine. I feel his minty breath fan my face as his green eyes stare into my blue ones.
His body is still pressed against mine, “Step two.” He says, a smirk forming on his lips. My mind is screaming at him to get away from me but my mouth is shut.
I stay frozen in my spot and even when Tyson moves his lips closer towards mine, I don’t move.
Before I know what’s happening, Tyson kisses me with so much force that I would have fallen over if the lockers were not behind me.
Tyson McCannon is kissing me!


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