Tears In My Eyes – Episode 3

Episode 3

” Mom ” Helen muttered.
” Mom, why ?” She said remembering how her late mom used to treat her like a Queen tear dropped from her eyes.
” Mom, why do you choose to leave me ” she asked tearfully.
” Tell me why ” she yelled. One would think she is talking to a spirit with the way she’s demonstrating and talking.
” I’m never going to forgive you for leaving me with that wicked woman ” she said then dropped her hands on her legs and put her head on it with her backpack besides her.

On the otherhands, Stella and her friends sitted in one desk laughing.
” Where’s that dirty girl ” Stella asked mockingly.
“who knows where she might be ” Faith said.
” I can’t believe Helen can’t wash her school uniform ” Juliet mocked.
” She loves sleeping, sometime, i help her wash” Stella lies.
” what!!! “Faith and Juliet exclaimed in unison like it has been rehearsal.
“Yes, she slept most of the time, mom will asked me to help her wash ” she added.
” How could you think of washing her clothes, she’s older than you. She should be the one to wash yours not you” Juliet said standing up.

The moment the jingle bell was rang for closing, Helen pick her backpack and ran home. Stella and her friends could be seen walking home also student’s were seen trooping out of the school compound gisting and laughing simultaneously.

Just immediately Helen got home, she began to wash her school uniform before her so called step sister will return back from school. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed again. Helen wash the uniform and hurriedly went to sun it in their neighbor compound. On her way back, she sight Stella walking into the compound she exhaled deeply thanking God Stella don’t see her.
” where are you coming from ” Godwin asked from behind startling Helen who immediately turned thinking it was her stepmother.
” I went to check something ” she lie nervously.
” You went to sun your school uniform right? ” Godwin asked surprising Helen.
” I don’t what Stella to see it ” she replied.
” I know ” Godwin said and walk in.

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