Tears In My Eyes – Episode 2



Episode 2

Written By: John Miracle

Meanwhile, Stella and her so called friends keep laughing. Stella being the main reason why Helen couldn’t wash her school uniform couldn’t help but smile to her own satisfaction. She remember how she went into Helen room and hide the school uniform and how Helen was looking for her uniform. She smiled again.

Helen let the tears in her eyes fall like rain as she remember how she searched for her school uniform.


Helen was sent on an errand, on returning from the errand, she met Stella washing her school uniform at that instant, she remember she haven’t wash her uniform. She immediately rush inside her room after giving Godwin what he sent her. But to her outermost surprise, she didn’t find her school uniform and she dare not ask Stella.

In the morning, Helen wake up to find the uniform exactly where she normally hang it. She hurriedly pick and rush out to wash it but unfortunately, she melt her stepmother Mrs Martha sitting outside.
” Good morning ma ” She greeted. Instead of Mrs Martha to answer, she stared at her. Meanwhile, Helen feeling uncomfortable try to walk away but unfortunately, her step mother called her back.
” Come back here ” She yelled hatred in her voice.
” By the way, what are you doing with the school uniform ” she asked and stood up then glanced at the uniform.
” Ma, i wanted to wash it yesterday but i couldn’t find it ” Helen said then pause thereby increasing Mrs Martha anger and hatred towards her.
” I saw it this morning an… And i want to wash it cause it dirty ” she added then look at Mrs Martha.
” students we laugh at me if i wear it to school without washing it ” Helen concluded.
” So you know what is dirty and clean abi ” Mrs Martha said demonstrating.
” You will wear it to school like this ” she added.
“But ma ” Helen try to say.
” Shut up and get inside ” she shouted expecting Helen to run inside but instead Helen stood staring at her with pleading face.
” I said get inside ” She commanded then Helen gently walk inside without saying a word to her stepmother as she blinked back the tears threatening to fall.
” Nonsense ” she said and sit down.
Oh poor Helen.



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