Tears In My Eyes – Episode 1

Episode 1
Written by: John Miracle

Helen being from the family of three lost her mother some years ago. Being the only child of her mother was determined to make it in life and that is what’s keeping her alive. Mrs Martha her step mother have two children Stella and Godwin. Stella is off age with Helen they’re both in same class in Baptist international secondary School (BISS).

The morning was filled with cold due to the heavy rain which fallen last night as Helen walk into Baptist international secondary School to meet the head boy ringing the bell for assembly.
” Hy, you’re late ” Kate one of the student who always bully her told her.
” Thanks, but that’s none of your damn business ” She replied and walk to the assembly hall. Kate stood with anger and hatred clearly written all over her.
” Bush girl ” She curse and walk to the gate.
Soon enough the assembly was over cause the principal isn’t yet in school. Student’s match to their classes.
Helen entered her class and sit down. Helen is a science student who had the dream to study pharmacy.
She is known as bush girl due to her status. Her step mother especially Stella who see boys are after Helen than her doesn’t allow Helen to wash her school uniform, she want Helen to look dirty in the eyes of the boys and student’s.
” Where’s the odour coming from ” A boy said from her back.
” Hope you’re not the one smelling ” he said turning to Helen.
” I said it, she’s the one smelling ” He said and stand up fellow by some of the students who were already laughing .
” didn’t you bathe at home? ” asked one of the student.
” Look at her school uniform ” said another student while touching Helen school uniform.
” Dirty ” Kate added laughing very hard.
Helen who’s feeling discomforting of the students mocking her, couldn’t help but let the tears in her eyes fall like rain.
” oh!! Beautiful girl is crying ” Stella said pitiful and burst laugh. Helen look at her so called step sister, pick her bag and ran out of the class as fast as her legs can carry her letting the tears fall down.


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